John Moore Services Pest Control

John Moore Services Pest Control

Pest & Termite Control

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Tom Cartledge

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John Moore is a family-owned and operated business. We understand the trust you place in our company when you invite us into your home. “Call John & Get Moore” is more than our company’s slogan; it is our pledge to you. We only hire the very best craftsmen and give them the very best training, the latest tools and technology. All of our work is backed by the integrity of the John Moore name.


  • Full-Range of Pest Control Services - Residential & Commercial
  • Bedbug Control & Elimination
  • Termites/Mosquitos/Bees/Wasps/Moths
  • Rodent Exclusion
  • Roaches/Fire Ants/Earwigs/Silverfish/Spiders/Fleas/Ticks/Snakes/Crickets/ Humane Animal Trapping
  • 100% Financing on Termite Treatment (W.A.C)
  • Mosquito Misting system
  • Special Lawn Treatment Programs
  • Lawn Disease & weed Control

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Recipient of the top 100 Aggie-owned Businesses in the World 2007-2011
Consumers Choice Award 2012-2013

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MC Visa Amex Disc


Gone Guaranteed. If the bugs return, so will we! No extra charge!

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  • Workers Comp. Insurance
  • Liability Insurance
  • State License No. TPCL11201
  • Current Complaint File
  • Business Practices

Consumer Comments

Consumer Comments


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​John Moore Pest Control Services

John Moore Pest Control Services

Have a pest or infestation in your home can be a terrible thing! John Moore Contractors have been exterminating pests and termites for over 47 years! Certain types of pests such as ants may be easier to detect while rats are much more difficult. We recommend getting a professional opinion on the state of your home’s health in order to maintain you and your family’s well-being.

Typical Pest Problems


Having termites can be devastating to a home. Termites love to eat away at wood and structural foundation in and under your home. This can cause future foundation problems in the worst case scenarios. In most cases, they simply weaken walls and other wooden structures that hold your home together. Protect your home from termites by calling a pest control expert to come and get rid of them immediately.

Bed Bugs

Among one of the worst cases of pest infestation you can encounter, bed bugs can render your home unlivable. Bed bugs bite and feed off of living blood from either people or animals. Living in usually unclear mattresses, couches and other furniture, they wait to attack their next victim. If you see any bed bugs in your home, make sure to call John Moore pest control immediately before your home gets taken over.


Bee hives can form around the outside of your home or in trees around your yard. While they are generally less dangerous than wasps, disrupting a hive can bring on a swarm upon you and your family. Bees are especially dangerous since a large number of people have allergic reactions to bee stings which could lead to serious medical issues. Get bee hives and signs of bee infestations taken care of early by contacting a pest exterminator.

Fire Ants

Ants are among the most common problem for most neighborhoods. Especially harmful are the fire ants whose stings are extremely painful. Fire ants can quickly develop around your yard and invade your home in search of food and resources. If you have fire ants in your yard or home, get a pest control specialists to quickly take care of the problem before it gets worst.

John Moore Pest Control Services Gold Standard Rating

To be included on our recommended list of air conditioning contractors, John Moore has had to pass several standards of quality. We make sure that their pest control experts are certified, trained, and insured for their protection and yours. Among the many qualifications we look at include:

  • Years in business as an air conditioning installation and repair company
  • Current complaint files
  • Over thousands of homeowner interviews
  • Insurance and licensing of their contractors