Plumbing Services | Consumer Business Review

Plumbing Services | Consumer Business Review

Dec 18, 2014

Looking for reliable plumbing services in and around Texas? Consumer Business Review has done the research to find the best local plumbers for you. We’ve conducted thousands of homeowner surveys to find out what makes a great plumbing company. From leaky faucets to fully blown pipes, we asked about plumbing jobs of all types and sizes. Some of the plumbing services our contractors specialize include:

Emergency Plumbing Service

Having a leaking or overflowed toilet can be a nightmare for most people. It’s often hard to assess the level of damage or repairs that need to be done to stop a burst pipe. A professional can help determine the extent of service needed to put a stop to your plumbing emergency. Additionally, leaving a leak unchecked can lead to collateral damage to your home that could cost much more than initial plumbing repairs.

Pipe Burst Due to Freezing Temperatures

A burst pipe is usually the most common plumbing emergency in Texas. A burst pipe usually happen in the winter when weak pipes are unready for the change in temperature but can also happen anytime year round. Burst pipes can cause severe collateral damage if left unattended to, make sure your pipes fixed quickly before the problem magnifies.

Leak Detection

Leak detection methods and equipment can vary from plumbing company to plumbing company so you should do some research before hiring a contractor. It’s important during the leak detection process that the plumber you hire doesn’t cause any damage to your pipes in while looking for leaks. Finding the best plumbing service detection companies in Texas can be difficult as there are so many options out there. That’s why we screen our Gold Standard leak detection and plumbing companies to ensure the best service available.


Repipe usually refers to the replacement of plumbing lines from your home that connects to the city’s system. These pipes function to get water and waste from your home into the city’s sewage system properly. Some signs of pipe damage in your plumbing could include low water pressure or yellowish rust coming from your water. It is often difficult for homeowners without the proper training to determine if they need minor plumbing repairs or full on repiping services. We recommend that you call a plumbing company who specializes in repipe to get a clear answer.

Water Heater Installation

Our gold standard plumbers have been installing water heaters in Texas for over 50 years! They can help you choose which category and model of water heater best suits your home. Choosing between an electric, gas, traditional and tankless water heater can be a daunting task if you are not familiar with the product. A great plumber can help explain the pros and cons of each option and help you decide on a water heater that suits your needs.