About Consumer Business Review

The Consumer Business Review® was created to help homeowners find the top home service companies in your area. Our goal in creating this review was to provide information in a quick, easy to find manner so that you could Choose with Confidence® when finding a home service company to meet your needs.

The Consumer Business Review® remains dedicated to providing you with accurate information and is always here to listen. If you have a comment or concern about any of the home service companies featured in our publication, please let us know.


Gold Standard Verification Process

The Consumer Business Review® conducts extensive research to bring you factual results from ACTUAL homeowners about the home service companies featured. An overview of our Gold Standard® Rating Process can best be shown as:



1. Home-Owner Nomination

Nominations from delighted home-owners are the only way businesses can earn an opportunity to be reviewed by Consumer Business Review®.


2. Company Credential

Company’s histories are thoroughly and diligently screened for bankruptcy, liens, insurance, licensing, and other benchmarks to ensure legitimacy.


3. Invitation to Application

Nominated companies who surpass our rigorous background check are given an invitation to enter our review process and apply for the Gold Standard® Rating.


4. Evaluation Process

Companies who are invited to apply for the Gold Standard® Rating to go through a verifiable, multi-tiered research process involving thousands of surveys and interviews from home-owners.


5. Grading Standards

Only businesses that exceed a rating percent of 90 are awarded the Gold Standard® Rating mark of approval. By keeping our requirements exceptionally high, we assure only the very best companies in your area receive our recommendation.


6. Acceptance

Businesses that surpass our strict requirements are rewarded with the Gold Standard® Rating approval. Those who fail to meet our standards are not published in the Consumer Business Review® and must wait a year before re-applying.


7. Report Circulation

Companies awarded the Gold Standard® Rating are published in our report and distributed to local homeowners in areas which they service.


8. Annual Re-assessment

Companies must endure a comprehensive review each and every year to ensure they maintained the highest level of service.